Редовен професор д-р Златко Левков



Research Assistant at FNS, Skopje                                      November 1996 - May 2001

Teaching Assistant at FNS, Skopje                                      May 2001- February 2006

Assistant Professor at FNS, Skopje                                     February 2006 - November 2010

Associate Professor at FNS, Skopje                                     November 2010 - November 2015

Full Professor at FNS, Skopje                                              November 2015-



Full Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences



Head of Institute of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences (2009-2011)

Vice-dean for education at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (2011-2012)


TEACHING SUBJECTS: (graduate and postgraduate level)

  1. Systematic and phylogeny of algae;
  2. General phycology
  3. Ecological monitoring and bioindicators
  4. Forensic Botany
  5. Paleoecology



  • Taxonomy and biogeography of diatoms;
  • Systematic and phylogeny of diatoms
  • Species flocks in ancient lakes;
  • Palaeoecology and palaeolimnology
  • Glacial lakes' diatom composition;
  • Diatoms from estuaries and costal waters;
  • Diatom communities for monitoring of the pollution;
  • Diatoms assemblages in forensic sciences.



MSci in Biology (2001): Distribution of heavy metals in River Vardar and their impact on aquatic mosses and diatom flora.

PhD in Biology (2005): Taxonomy and ecology of diatom flora from Lakes Prespa and St. Naum Springs (Lake Ohrid)




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